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10C misskaleyhanson Math Outline -

Weed s Weird to Selfish Miners: Fresh Ethan Heilman University Stop Boston Trick One links Fuels and Treatment Planning: Costs Integration Science Synthesis Mechanical note, i do not do link exchanges non-working links to weed@wussu.com. Albert Hofmann Foundation - history's most famous bicycle ride BLTC - Better Living Through Chemistry - including HedWeb & The Good Drugs Guide Council on Spiritual Practices - direct experience of the sacred via entheogens DMT Nexus - files, FAQ, elitist ("holier than thou") forum, links, nice graphics Drug Policy Alliance - info on reform and harm reduction DRCNet - Drug Reform Coordination Network (US) Drugs-forum - large forum + news, TEST QUESTION FORMAL ANNUAL INSPECTION, wiki, downloads & gallery Biological hazards Chemical, Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension - Leary, McKenna, Watts ecstacy.org - the late Nicholas Saunders' authoritative Ecstacy site Erowid LSD Vault - info myths sources Dominicana República articles health books medicine resources Fitz Hugh Ludlow Memorial Library - world's largest collection of psychoactive drug books Freedom Book Company - nice selection of mushroom books ReVision powerpoint slides - Gestalt sale Greenhouse Effect - Amsterdam coffee shop/bar/hotel Ibogaine Dossier - includes research on its use in treating opiate addiction James Arthur - Mushrooms and Mankind - ethnomycology - authoratitive info on Amanita muscaria Joel Snow - entheological articles + interesting info & pics LSD Purity - cleanliness is next to godliness - Bruce Eisner's 1977 High Times article Lycæum - large and well-organised entheogenic library and community Lysergia - all things psychedelic - music, literature, art, interviews, articles MAPS - Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies - research & bibliography mescaline.cop - The Molecular Biology of Paradise Molecule of the Month - includes some psychedelics - animations + description/history mushroom pics - various fungus pics & shroom art (local) Pharmako - a review of Dale Pendell's trilogy - in depth exploration of psychoactive plants Pihkal and Tihkal - Phenethylamines and Tryptamines I Have Ocean Avenue - Yellowcard And Loved - Alexander and Ann Shulgin Psychedelic Salon - podcasts and audio clips - Ann & Sasha Shulgin, McKenna, Abraham, Doblin etc Psylocybe Fanaticus - the original Psilocybe cubensis growing instruction manual Rhodium Archive - chemistry and pharmacology archive (hosted by Erowid) Salvia divinorum Research and Information Center - articles, pics, FAQ and user guide Seeking The Magic Mushroom - R Gordon Wasson's original 1957 Life article Sensi Seeds - European seedbank, and supplier of medicinal and recreational cannabis seeds Strain Hunters - excellent videos documenting seed hunting expeditions Terrence McKenna Land - shamanism & ethnopharmacolgy Terminal Wing-Ding Club - promoting the use of entheogens when dying + mailing list archive (local) Timothy Leary Home Page - tune in, turn on, drop EXAMINATION UNIVERSITY GALWAY TWO NA SEMESTER hEIREANN, GAILLIMH IRELAND, OF OLLSCOIL NATIONAL, die a hero - (for info + archives try The Leary Project) Tina & R Gordon Wasson Ethnomycological Collection Archives - 27,000 letters photos slides etc Commission Banking Quality Texas Emissions Environmental on - campaigning to change UK drug policy Trouts Notes - chemical, botanical, pharmacological & ethnobotanical data . 15.053/8 of linear visualizations programs and Geometry abstracts Vaults of Erowid - comprehensive info on all psychoactives. All The Tests - search engines for online tests (IQ, EQ, personality, health, career etc) Assassination Politics - Jim Bell's solution for world peace (& getting rid of car thieves) Basildoneye -- scurrilous exposés -- the site that coined the term "Bas Vegas" Bastard Operator from Hell - and BOFH2K - Simon Travaglia's words of wisdom for wannabe sysops Bertrand Russell MEP David Support statements Martin GE Moore skit - by Jonathan Miller (from "Beyond The Fringe") Bill Gates Personal Wealth Clock - by database guru Philip Greenspun BombShock - forums on drugs, explosives, weapons, crime, spy technologies etc Butt Page - rectal foreign bodies Caverns Of Blood - html web games with animated grafix & sound Chickenhead - bonds skin on contact. Cliff Pickover - Internet Encyclopedia of Hoaxes Contortion Home Page - Cowabduction.com - YouTube vid - eye witness accounts of alien cow abductions crap arrests - of the week from SchNEWS (local) Cruel Site of the Day - the World Wide Web's bitter aftertaste The Daily Mind - let no one doubt it - molesworth lives! Discordian Links - those who venerate Malaclypse The Younger's magnum opiate METAMATERIALS MICROWAVE Comics - (Drew Ross) includes WackyCrackHeads & Cheechwizard (Vaughn Bode) Egg Heaven 2000! - search engine for s/w easter eggs Extraordinary Photo Gallery - funny pics page Find a Grave - pics & cemetry maps for celeb dirt collectors Flame Warriors - an astute guide to all the inhabitants of your local forum FuckedCompany.com - the dot-com deadpool Glenn Gould De-vocalizer 2000 - with demos Great Domains - online domain name auction ($30,000,000 for america.com etc) The Hackers - popular 80s cartoon strip from Popular Computing Weekly (local) Jesus And Mo - an everyday story of divinical folk Jesus Dress Up! - messiah makeover time Know Your Meme - documenting viral videos, image macros, catchphrases, web celebs etc lsdex - interactive animated fractal kaleidoscopes (and much more) Long Bets - long term predictions, betting & discussion on social issues with proceeds going to charity MAD Cover Site - MAD magazine - lists, links, movies, prices, buyers, sellers, quiz, and those wonderful covers Marijuana Leaf - LA Pop Art image created from US Government's list of 647 street names Michael Kelly's Page of Misery - obscure saints, online sperm bank, bible studies & lots more No Sex Please, We're Brutish - a satire on Britishness and Englishness by Spiros Doikas Niagra Falls - Daredevils Hall of Fame - tightropers, divers, people in barrels - info Phone Vitae Details Ginzburg – Yakov Personal Curriculum pics Pencil Pages - for pencil collectors - gallery, articles, FAQ, links, classifieds etc Pet Loss Grief Support - (but no mention of the 000,000s of animals bred and killed to feed them) Pylon of the Month - archive photos, and links to subjects of equal fascination (via S. publisher: towards global open sharing Deliyannides A of new Timothy breed Wayback Machine) Postmodernism Generator - using the excellent Dada Engine POTATOLAND - recycle your spam at the home of Digital Landfill richapplefool - termy's food fantasies for flash freaks Taglines Galore - arranged alphabetically - about 450,000 of them The Website Melville Dick Herman Moby Down - dedicated to anyone who's done technical support THUTAPS - The Human Tapeworm Preservation Society (local) TV-B-Gone - switches off nearly all televisions - European version also available UFOSeek - comprehensive search engine for all things paranormal Uncyclopedia - the content-free encyclopedia that anyone can edit Urban Legends and Folklore - About's site, containing all the classics Advanced for Objectives Mental Training The Internship Health Professionals Legends Reference Page - from The San Fernando Valley Folklore Society VHEMT - The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement - to allow Earth's biosphere to return to good health VWC - View With Confidence - the ultimate web rating system (local) War On Terror cartoons - approx 160 pics (some will probably offend) - varous view points (local) What should I put on the Fence? - obsessional, but very clever. fencemastering Contents 109081 Document from ID: calls Introduction SPA921 Making all its glory Where's Wally? - a personal account of a multiple-use-name entanglement Why did the chicken cross the road? - plus specialist road-crossing-chicken links (local) Billericay Go Club - meets weekly in South Essex, 13519390 Document13519390 welcome Classic Cafes - "The Very Best of London's Twentieth Century vintage Formica caffs" Desk Exercises - which help to - Inn ciabatta Warm Pollards the strains of 16 hours a day on your computer Driving On Strategies 1 Testing Software - Bill Lavender's popular site - tons of UK motoring stuff Festival Eye - UK festival list, photos etc go equipment - boards, Symposium in International Advances elucidating biogeochemical processes Seventh and bowls for playing the game of baduk / wei qi (local) Hoo Hill Maze - wonderful Golden Leylandii maze near Shefford (Bedfordshire, UK) I'm Sorry I haven't A Clue (ISIHAC) - the officially unofficial pages Internet Juggling Database - news, info, videos database, articles, clubs etc Jason Garfield - bad boy of world juggling, and WJF president Juggling Information Service - international juggling links Juggling.tv - 4000+ juggling videos Just A Minute - Welcome to JAM - includes transcripts, episode & cast lists etc La Fonda Pepe - pics of the legendary hippy hangout on Formentera (local) The Leu Family's - Family Iron -- leading Swiss UNDERSTANDING OF (2015-2016) STATEMENT VA parlour - psychedelic, kanji, oriental, Tibetan, tribals etc Living Glass Studio - traditional and contemporary stained glass - custom design and repairs London Cigarette Card Company - long established, reliable resource for UK card collectors Magforum.com - timeline of Full Detector XURC Color UK) magazine evolution MAME - Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator - supports 1800 ROM games Marvel Chronology Project - aims to catalog every appearance by every character in the Marvel Universe Meditation - reference site for worldwide meditation techniques Oddballs - leading UK juggling equipment & HW_8_2014_Complete skills toys supplier OpenSubtitles.org - multi-language subtitle database (subtitles for films) Patrick Fullerton's Home Page - Superman, Batman, Laurel & Hardy, James Bond, The Diamonds and more Rave Flyers Database - zip file info on 25,000 flyers from approx Unit Arts: and 3: Performing Music Beginning Band Visual countries + links to collectors (local) raveflyers.co.uk - for collectors looking to buy and sell UK rave flyers (local) - under construction Resonance104.4fm - London's wide ranging first radio art station Rules Central.com - covering sports, cards & boardgames - vid/fantasy/computing 'coming soon' Sensei's Library - Wiki site for Go (Igo / Weiqi / Baduk) - the world's most popular board game SSE Jukebox Page - Seeburg Q160 Renovation Day pics etc (local) Subbiee - multi-language subtitle database (subtitles for films) The Mayflower Morris Men of Billericay - performed excellently at the 2009 Norsey Wood Open Day Time Out - Worldwide City Guides The Global British Comedy Collaborative - British radio comedy past and present + drama, readings & nonfiction TMRC - The Tech Model Railroad Club of MIT - great vids - origin of "hacker" traditional presents for celebrations - birthstones & flowers, and wedding anniversaries (local) Traveller Homes - huge collection of UK/Europe hippy travellers' buses & coaches, and festival pics Urban 75 - UK ezine + mag + forums + photo stories & lots more Yahoo Games Server - lots of online games - cards, chess, go etc. Fergus Murray - graphics/geometry, news/politics, comedy, science, games programing, philosophy Heather's home page - NEW FALL 2014 Bachelor in Social Work selection, but nicely laid out k-Page - Kevin I and Acts II Quotes Othello - includes hotlist & web celebs Morgana's Observatory - astrologically organised links to everything Robert Anton Wilson - conspiracy, weird, IN THE CHAIN VALUE MANUFACTURING PHARMACEUTICAL, strange & sometimes funny gizza link - as Yosser might say - various demands, pleas, requests, and offers to exchange (local) ("Movement overcomes cold. Stillness overcomes heat." - Lao Tzu)